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Project Management

The care taken in preparing a Project Plan and the management of the plan will be key to the success of your implementation! The Project Plan should be a definite list of what you expect to achieve with milestones to enable you to assess your progress.

Your supplier must be involved in preparing the plan since they know the stages required to implement their system. To this you must add your own requirements such as training, data transfer, procedural documentation, software testing and report writing. You must also add the requirements of other suppliers - such as hardware suppliers, cabling contractors and communications suppliers.

The detail of the plan needs to be able to identify how much resource is required, from who and when. These details need to be agreed with all parties who are to take part in the project.

I have managed many different types of projects which include the complete implementation of housing and financial management systems, single module implementation, changes following system reviews and data take-on and system set up for Stock Transfers. Whatever your need I can help.

Remember this is your project - you must have control.