Nigel Wharton ACMA
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Nigel Wharton ACMA

I qualified as an accountant in 1978 whilst working for a group of heavy engineering companies in the West Midlands. As Chief Accountant for the group I was responsible for the preparation of accounts, credit control, wages and salaries and product costing. I also implemented their first computer system.

In 1987 my career changed direction. I accepted an opportunity to work with a small company that wrote software and sold systems to housing associations. My role was to assist in the promotion of their products and to implement new systems. The company was successful and before long I was managing a team of eight people in a newly formed Consultancy and Training Department. This company was ISIS that later became Excelsis and now belongs to Comino.

After a while I moved to accept a new challenge within the same marketplace. I joined MicroCompass Systems (now Depfa IT Services UK) as their Housing Implementations Manager.

By the time I set up my own business in 1998 I had gained eleven years valuable experience of working for computer systems houses and with housing providers. Altogether, I have been responsible in some part for the implementation of systems at over one hundred housing associations. These range in size from associations with a few hundred units to some of the largest associations in Great Britain. Indeed I feel uniquely placed, having sat on both sides of the table, to give advice on the selection and implementation of systems in this specialised environment.

All the projects that I work on are planned and agreed with my clients on the basis of meeting the needs of their organisation and providing value for money. A initial, free of charge assessment of their needs is always provided.

My main aims now are to enjoy my work and to use these skills to the benefit of housing providers.