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Data Transfer

Most suppliers will allow you to import data into their systems as part of the implementation. This saves a considerable amount of time but must be approached with a great deal of care.

This process will normally involve you in exporting data from your present system and then importing to your new system. This also gives the opportunity to tidy up the data before it is loaded to the new system.

Adequate checks must be performed before and after loading the data to ensure its integrity. These checks should include the posting of a Rent Debit, printing Arrears Lists and Trial Balances from the Nominal Ledger. Appropriate checks will differ from organisation to organisation.

All of the above checks must be planned beforehand and your Project Plan should highlight who will be responsible for checking and finally accepting the data.

Whether you need 'hands-on' assistance with data conversion or advice on how to ensure that your data is sound, I can help you.