Why Have A Web Site?

Today, and the FUTURE... The Internet is fast becoming a major part of companies' marketing and sales, and we have already reached the point where to be taken seriously in the business market you have to have an Internet strategy.

However the Internet is not just a tool for greater sales or a way to advertise products or services. Increasingly it is becoming the tool of preference for information gathering and for communication.

Today we have telephones, fax machines, postal mail, and email; but in the future these technologies will start to merge as we see with the recent innovations in the mobile telephone market.

UK Internet addresses are being registered by the thousands each day. Already all three letter combinations (e.g. abc.co.uk) and all place names have been taken, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to match your web address to your company name. You should protect your business interests by registering your internet address as soon as possible.

The main benefits a Web Site offers:

... and specifically for Housing Associations:

Did you know? The number of Internet users outside the US is growing at a rate of 70 % per year, and in the UK already some 30% of households have internet access. Experts predict this will rise above 50% in the next couple of years.

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