Features and Design

In business, image is all-important. A web site is an extension of your company's image, so the design has to create the right impressions from the start.

People expect a web site to provide information, be interactive and fulfill their requirements. Web sites have to be visually pleasing, download quickly, be helpful, easy to use and explore, in addition to presenting a professional appearance.

We can provide all your web site needs, incorporating features such as:

Not all these features are included within the "HA Standard" price - see our FAQ page.

Setting Up on the Internet.

Once you have had the basic site designed, the next step for your web site is to arrange to "host" it with a Web Server company. We do not provide hosting services for your Web Site as we believe you should be free to easily transfer your domain (Internet address) to whichever service providor gives you the best overall deal. Of course, we'll help choose the one right for your site, as well as making all the arrangements and installation.

After that has been done your site can be reached by every computer connected to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Promoting your site should be a two pronged attack. One of the major aims of the site is to help inform and communicate with your existing clients, including your internet address on your headed notepaper, compliment slips, standard documentation, newsletters etc. is a must.

To find something on the internet if you do not know the address, you use a "search engine". The secret to getting your name to appear on the search results lies in good programming techniques. We shall register your site with the major search engines and if you wish with more specialist "listings" within your market sector.

Did you know? The search engine Yahoo! is visited by over 40% of all Internet users in any given month.

To discuss the possibilities of setting up a site for your
organisation, please contact Nigel Wharton

* PDF format is a common standard document format which can be read with the appropriate reader on all platforms (Windows, Dos, Unix, Linux etc) without changes being required to the document. Therefore your web site can allow document download without having to worry about different versions for different users. Adobe Acrobat Reader available free by clicking: