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Site Questions:

What will this cost me ?
PageFactory "Commercial Standard" and "HA Standard" have been designed to allow housing providers and small businesses to gain a presence on the world wide web easily and at a realistic cost.

Commercial Standard:

Based upon our Demonstration site it provides:
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your logos
  • Four pages of text, two of which can contain forms, graphics and photographs
  • Domain Registration
  • Placement with a Web Site Host
All this for 375 plus V.A.T.

You can have additional pages for the PageFactory "Commercial Standard" at a cost of 50 per page plus V.A.T.

There will also be an ongoing cost, at present every two years, for the re-registration of the domain name and for host services. At present the re-registration looks as if it will be in the region of 20 for a further two years and the host services from 50 per annum upwards. We also provide a Support service that you may wish to take up.

HA Standard:

Based upon our Demostration site it provides:
  • Your choice of colours and fonts
  • Your logos
  • Twelve pages of text, four of which can contain forms, graphics and photographs
  • Domain Registration
  • Placement with a Web Site Host
All this for 899 inclusive of V.A.T.

You can have additional pages for the PageFactory "HA Standard" at a cost of 59 per page inclusive of V.A.T.

There will also be an ongoing cost, at present every two years, for the re-registration of the domain name and for host services. At present the re-registration looks as if it will be in the region of 20 for a further two years and the host services from 50 per annum upwards. We also provide a Support service that you may wish to take up.

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What if the names on my site change ?
Support for the PageFactory "Commercial Standard" is 90 per annum plus V.A.T.. This provides for the following:
  • Two complete page changes per annum
  • Four minor amendments per annum (eg. change of name, telephone number)
Support for the PageFactory "HA Standard" is 179 per annum, inclusive of V.A.T.. This provides for the following:
  • Four complete page changes per annum
  • Twelve minor amendments per annum (eg. change of name, telephone number)
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What do I have to do ?
If you want to discuss taking our service, then please contact Nigel Wharton by e-mail or by telephone on 01746 861950 or 07801 108950 (+44 then drop the 0 if dialing from outside the UK).

We shall need from you:

  • Your logo
  • A list of the pages you require
  • The text for each page
  • Your preferred "domain name" (eg. "") - please give a list of options in preference order or we shall be exchanging e-mails or faxes for days if your first choices are unavailable! [Remember international domains (.com or .org) are more expensive]
  • Colour scheme (to try it out click: here or for hints check here)
  • Photos or drawings (if you have them on diskette all the better)
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What is in the Smallprint ?
As usual the smallprint gets a little technical. The PageFactory "HA Standard" price has a few limits.
There is a maximum of 25Mb of web site although as web pages are very small this should be enough (PageFactory itself including the demo site is about 1Mb).

There is a maximum of 250Mb traffic (bandwidth) per month, which if you average a web page at about 32k is some 260 visitor page "hits" per day. Any extra and your web host will send you a small bill, although you will have the facilities to check the status regularly, and upgrade if necessary (changing to 5000 page "hits" per day would add some 50 plus VAT per year and also give you alot more web space).

We also request that a small unobstrusive link is placed on your index page saying "
Site Designed by PageFactory" and we would appreciate permission to include a link to your site on any list of our clients.
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What if your business goes out of business ?
The domain name is registered in your name. The host is setup in your name and you will be sent addresses, logins and passwords as soon as it is setup. The "code" for your web site will be sent to you on CD as soon as you agree the finalised version, but anyway as you have the passwords you could download it from the Web. All the "code" is written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)and Javascript and can be understood by any web designer and no special software is required to amend it ("Notepad" is a favourite!). So all you risk is the annual service charge should you decide to take up that service which is payable in advance.

Having said all that, we do not intend to go out of business!

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Who owns the copyright ?
It is your site, however we retain the right to re-use the "code" elsewhere.
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Can I have a search facility on my site ?
There are a couple of options here depending on your needs. We can register you with a free search facility that will "spider" (read) your site every month and hold keywords and the pages they refer to in their database. We simply then link their database to a simple form on your site and it allows your visitors to search your site. They will insist on advertising on the "results" page.

Alternatively we can create, at a small extra cost, a search facility on your site choosing your own keywords and results pages.

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Can I have video on the site ?
Video on the site is possible but uses a large "bandwidth" and hence this would need to be taken into account when selecting a host.
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I want photo's but do not have any ?
We could arrange for photo's to be taken for you, but to be honest it would be cheaper for you to either go to a local photographer or buy a digital camera and take them yourself. Please remember however, that poorly composed photographs say more about your company than poor text, and you wouldn't expect the text to be written by someone who wasn't a professional.
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Can I have a visitor count ?
All the Hosts we use provide their own counter facility which we can incorporate into the site, either available on your menu panel or if you prefer hidden on a page you can access but not available as a link for others to find. There are also numerous other free counter services which often give better facilities and can provide other statistics, but see below.
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What web Statistics are available ?
This depends partly on the Host used. Our preferred supplier offers a list of each page or graphic requested with the date and time and the server name that requested the item. For a small extra cost (approx 15 pa) you can obtain improved statistics giving:-
  • A General Summary of page requests and failures
  • A monthly count of pages, requests and Mbs
  • Above accumulated on Days of the Week (Mon-Sun)
  • Above accummulated on hours of the day (0-23)
  • Requests sorted by domain
  • Requests sorted by directory (folder) of your site
  • Requests by page type (eg. HTML, or GIF)
  • Requests per file (if over 500 requests) Other hosts may offer other facilities or reports. It is possible with some hosts to ask all visitors to "sign in" to your site and then to have these names recorded for you to view. However this is usually considered an invasion of privacy and is likely to put visitors off, as is collecting the information without informing the visitor.
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  • Can I have a guestbook ?
    A Guestbook is a facility for recording the comments of visitors and displaying them for visitors to read. We do not provide a guestbook facility but would be happy to include one of the many free services available for your web site. We would suggest that you allow us to choose one which does not allow visitors to write directly to the viewing page as this might attract unwelcome comments.
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    Internet Questions:

    What is a Domain Name ?
    All over the place these days you see internet addresses advertised such as These personalised addresses are called "Domains" and indicate the address of the web pages that we all see when we find a site. It is really an addressing protocol that sits on top of the "postcode" of the internet which is a code such as the IP address of the computer you are accessing. As you can imagine trying to remember an address such as is somewhat difficult and instead we use the more friendly www address.

    Internet "domains" are broken down into countries. The USA where the internet was born follows the example of the British with stamps and does not display the country of origin but instead use addresses that end in .com or .org .

    The usual internet addresses for British companies and organisations is or although many use the .com suffix even if they are UK companies (eg.

    At present the domains ending with .uk are slightly cheaper than .com and it is these which are included in the price for PageFactory "Commercial Standard" and "HA Standard". However for a very small extra cost we can work with a .com address.

    The more likely problem is finding an address that has not already been taken. Web addresses are purchased by the thousand each day and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get an address that matches your organisation's name. It is worth registering your address, if available, even if that is all you do.

    The domain registered with PageFactory "Commercial Standard" or "HA Standard" is yours and is registered in your name not ours.

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    What is a Host ?
    Having registered your domain, you are ready to setup a web site, but the next question is where this will actually live. To link your own computers into the internet 24 hours a day is expensive and is unnecessary for "hosting" your web site. Instead you usually buy the services of a "host" who rent you space on their servers and offer some services as well. The services offered by these hosts varies, usually according to their charges. They range from the free hosts such as Geocities, Netcolony and Lycos, through the small free sites you are offered by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to proper web hosts.

    The free hosts usually insist on an advert banner at the top of the page, their logo on every screen or they take the first half-inch of the screen in order to help pay for the services they offer (we have arranged a demonstration by clicking on our demo domain

    The free sites that come with your ISP do not usually include your own domain, although they may well offer what is called "virtual domains" such as It is possible with some domain "parking" services to hold your domain, say and have it point to your ISP's free site even hiding the redirection - however it doesn't really hide the fact of the redirection very well and is a second best [this is what we do with except it is "hosted" by]. We can do this with a small reduction in the PageFactory Standard charges if you prefer.

    However the best option is to select a host that offers the services you require and is invisible to your visitors (the option used for

    PageFactory do not offer "hosting" services ourselves. Instead we will dicuss your requirements and suggest a suitable "host". The PageFactory Standards include "hosting" with our preferred supplier with the first two years included in the price, however it is possible that this will not be the most suitable for you, and we will organise an alternative although the extra costs will be passed on.

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    I do not yet have an internet connection ?
    We can put you in touch with a company that offers internet connections for your businesses, or you could talk to your existing computer suppliers or telecom suppliers. They can provide you with a dial-up link to the internet connected to your internal e-mail facilities.

    Alternatively if all you require is a means of collecting your e-mail a couple of times a day and you already have a modem connected to a telephone line (you might be using it for the bank?) we can set you up with an internet connection using a local "0845" type telephone number. Of course this connection can also be used to browse the World Wide Web as well as download your e-mail.

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    Can I use the domain in my E-mail address ?
    Yes. We will arrange for all e-mail sent to <anyone> to to be automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail address which may be a free e-mail address from a free ISP. In addition we can arrange for up to five names to be forwarded elsewhere, for instance could be forwarded to If necessary this can be increased beyond the five at a small extra cost, but this may affect our recommendation of host. Once set up this can be amended by yourselves through your "host" or we can do this for you within the limits of your Support contract.
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    How will anyone find my site ?
    The first port of call is to include your new domain name address on your letterhead, your newsletters and other material. The second is to register with internet "search engines". For a description of a search engine visit Yahoo one of the most heavily advertised search engines in the UK.

    Many web service companies will simply submit your site name to 250 search engines using some software specifically designed for the purpose. We also can, however it usually simply ends up with your e-mail address being sold around the world and lots of junk e-mail arriving. Our prefered plan is to register with some 15 or so of the largest search engines and also register your name with some of the Listing sites for your sector of the market. It generally takes some 6-16 weeks for the search engines to register your site.

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    What is a PDF format document ?
    PDF format is a common standard document format which can be read with the appropriate reader on all platforms (Windows, Dos, Unix, Linux etc) without changes being required to the document. Therefore your web site can allow document download without having to worry about different versions for different users. Adobe Acrobat Reader available free by clicking:
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    Will the site work in all browsers ?
    We will write to work optimally in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 and set with a screen definition of 800x600 and at least 256 colours. We test all our work under Netscape Navigator version 4 and will draw your attention to any feature you request that is not available on both platforms; where possible we use only features supported by both. We also make some tests under Opera and other browsers but unless you specifically request it do not adjust our work to the detriment of IE and Navigator.
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